What do I wear?

The weather in Tuscany should be beautiful at this time of year! It will be warm-hot during the days (cooler in the Chianti hills than in the cities) and cool in the evenings. All dinners will be casual (very few places in Chianti are terribly fancy, even the 3 star Michelin restaurants.)

For the Friday night BBQ we suggest that you wear clothes that are easy to move around in…we’ll have some activities for you to enjoy.

For the wedding, we want you to wear something that you’ll be comfortable in, no black tie required! Ladies, we suggest you consider flats for the day as we will be in lots of grass until dinner time. Feel free to bring heels for the evening if you prefer to dance in them – we will have someplace for you to store them during the afternoon.

What do I bring?

Nothing out of the ordinary, except we recommend some good mosquito repellant (The locals are in denial that there are mosquitos in Tuscany, but you’ll be glad you have it…)

Also, we’d like to remind you that you can not carry bottles of wine onto planes. If you plan on bringing wine home with you – leave space in your checked luggage!

Will I need a car?

Unfortunately, there are no easy public travel options to get from the airports to the heart of Tuscany. That said, if you’re keen to share a car, please just let us know via the website and we will try to match you up with someone else arriving/departing on your same flights.